Rihanna and A$AP Rocky recently thrilled fans with a new Instagram video. The couple, who are parents to RZA, 2, and Riot Rose, 10 months, showcased their playful nature in the video. In the clip, Rihanna, 36, wore oversized red sunglasses and danced energetically while playfully rapping along to TGIF by GloRilla. A post shared by RİHANNA (@rihannaofficiall)

Meanwhile, Rocky, 35, watched with a mock disapproving expression, hands on his hips. Instead of dampening her spirits, Rocky's playful reaction seemed to boost Rihanna's enthusiasm further. In the video, she intensified her dance moves, swinging her jacket around before tossing it towards the camera. As Rihanna laughed off-camera, Rocky humorously declared, “I'm too old for this,” and walked off.

“Happy Friday,” Rihanna captioned the video. The couple confirmed their romantic relationship in November 2020 after years of friendship and collaboration. “They have always had a solid friendship and the romance just enhanced that,” a music management source told People magazine.