Ring, a home security brand, offers a range of devices with special features to help pet owners in the Middle East keep an eye on their beloved pets. With advanced motion detection, live view, and two-way talk, Ring devices are a convenient way to safeguard one’s home, family, and pets.

Recent insights from the Pet World Arabia exhibition in Dubai indicate that the pet care industry in the UAE has grown to a value of $300 million, with approximately 1.5 million pet owners in the country. The pet industry in the UAE is projected to experience a 500% growth by 2025.

Mohammad Meraj Hoda, vice president – emerging markets at Ring, stated, “Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing they can check in on their pets at any time, even when they have to step out briefly. With Ring, they can monitor their pets remotely, alleviating anxiety and maintaining connection even when away.”

Live view, available on all Ring indoor and outdoor security cameras, enables owners to observe their pets in real time. The Two-Way Talk feature allows direct communication with pets, providing commands or reassurance through the sound of the owner's voice. Ring’s outdoor security cameras, equipped with powerful motion-activated LED lights, offer protection day and night, ensuring that pets can be monitored while playing outdoors.

For new pet parents, setting up a dedicated ‘pet nook’ and installing a Ring Stick Up Cam Battery nearby can help manage the stress of introducing a new pet. Alternatively, the Ring Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) offers a small, plug-in installation for easy monitoring.

In addition to keeping pets safe, Ring devices also allow customers to save, share, and download video recordings of their pets' activities with a Ring Protect Plan subscription. Easy to install and featuring a wide range of functions, Ring devices are the perfect addition to create a more pet-friendly home.