Bollywood star Riteish Deshmukh, set to portray a ghost hunter in the forthcoming movie Kakuda, discussed his reasons for accepting the role. Kakuda, helmed by Aditya Sarpotdar, is situated in the village of Ratodi within Uttar Pradesh's Mathura district. Deshmukh expressed, 'The horror-comedy genre has always fascinated me, and the script immediately caught my interest. The idea of playing a ghost hunter in such a unique, amusing context was particularly appealing. Kakuda offers a fantastic mix of humor and surprising turns. Collaborating with a skilled and energetic cast and crew enhanced the experience. Embodying this character and being part of a film that aims to entertain and shock audiences was an offer I couldn't refuse. I was instantly eager to join Kakuda and immerse myself fully in its eerie universe.'

He further noted, 'Kakuda marks my debut in horror comedy, and it's been a thrilling adventure. Combining comedy with horror presents unique challenges. Both genres demand exact timing, yet in distinct manners. Comedy hinges on punchlines and sharp wit, whereas horror builds on creating suspense and delivering frights. Harmonizing these aspects without one overpowering the other is a fine balance. This is what makes it so engaging and thrilling. It's about identifying the right instances to infuse humor without diluting the horror, and the reverse. This pushed me beyond my usual boundaries and enabled me to explore new narrative techniques.'

The official summary of the film states, 'Though Ratodi appears like any ordinary village, it is haunted by a curse that has plagued it for years. Each home in the district features two similar doors, one standard and one smaller. The film centers around a peculiar custom requiring the opening of the smaller door in every house every Tuesday at precisely 7:15 pm. Disregarding this rule brings the fury of Kakuda, who penalizes the head of the household. Who is Kakuda...Why does he target the men of the village? How will the villagers lift the curse? Beware! Men are in danger now!'

The film also features Sonakshi Sinha and Saqib Saleem. Regarding his role, Riteish commented, 'Embodying the character of a quirky, contemporary ghost hunter was incredibly exciting. What intrigued me most was the novel fusion of humor and modernity in his ghost-hunting methods. Unlike conventional approaches, my character introduces a fresh, current twist, employing modern gadgets and a clever demeanor to confront the supernatural.'

Kakuda is scheduled for release on ZEE5 on July 12.