Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unveiled an updated version of its official app, which provides users with a more streamlined and simplified access to its services. The new version introduces a personalized dashboard that consolidates services onto a single screen, enabling seamless and convenient navigation. This integrated approach facilitates the renewal of vehicle and driving licenses, along with the purchase of parking tickets, without any unnecessary hassle. Moreover, residents can now make effortless payments for any fines accrued through the enhanced version of the app. Additionally, the app's update includes the integration of Salik online payments, voucher top-up, and Nol top-up, further enhancing the convenience of transactions. This comprehensive user experience overhaul aims to ensure a trouble-free process for license renewal and fine payments.

Meera Al Shaikh, the Director of Smart Services at RTA, emphasized the transformative impact of the upgraded RTA application on customer interaction with their services. The initiative reflects RTA's dedication to enhancing user experience by implementing a personalized dashboard and streamlined journeys, resulting in swift access to essential services. This update underscores RTA's commitment to meeting customer needs and continually delivering convenient and efficient transportation solutions. She also highlighted that the advanced version of the RTA application is now available for download on both iOS and Android platforms.