Sharjah Team's Rusty Wyatt achieved a decisive win in the Regione Sardegna Grand Prix of Italy on Sunday, propelling him to the top of the F1H2O World Championship standings, while Team Abu Dhabi faced a pair of setbacks in Olbia. Wyatt's second Grand Prix victory this season came amidst numerous early race incidents, involving Emirati racer Thani Al Qemzi, his Abu Dhabi teammate Alberto Comparato, and Victory Team's title contender Erik Stark. After securing the second qualifying spot behind Wyatt, Al Qemzi had bolstered his chances by winning the initial sprint race of the morning. However, his hopes were dashed by technical issues on lap eight of 40. Meanwhile, Estonia's Stefan Arand and Comparato had already exited early, followed by Stark, who had led the championship coming into the race. Wyatt, the winner of the opening round in Indonesia, faced no such issues, comfortably slowing down on the final lap to secure a 12-second victory over Frenchman Peter Morin, with Poland's Bartek Marszalek claiming third place. Sweden's reigning champion Jonas Andersson significantly improved his position, moving from 14th at the start to fifth by the finish, behind Norway's Marit Stromoy. Al Qemzi's day was particularly disappointing, having demonstrated strong potential in both qualifying and sprint races with his new boat. The Emirati driver, who first competed in F1H2O in 2020, had earlier earned ten championship points by winning the second sprint race against Morin, which had been delayed by 24 hours due to high winds. As the Grand Prix commenced with a rolling start, Wyatt initially held off Al Qemzi, but the race was quickly interrupted by Arand's barrel-roll incident, with Finland's Sami Selio also forced out soon after. Wyatt had previously secured an additional ten points with a start-to-finish win in the first sprint race, successfully fending off Andersson in the early stages before cruising to victory.