Emirati influencer Salama Mohamed exuded grace while discussing her separation from Emirati content creator Khalid Al Ameri in an interview with Emirati presenter Nour Aldin. Salama remarked that divorce can sometimes be a compassionate act, stating, "I was reborn that day." She continued, "For the first time, my life was not reliant on anyone. Before marriage, I depended on my family. After marriage, I depended on my husband. But now as an independent individual, it’s the first time I truly know myself," she explained. Salama also emphasized her enduring bond with her former husband, acknowledging him as the "father of my children." "Ultimately, his happiness influences my happiness. His achievements impact my achievements. His sorrows affect my sorrows," she shared. Khalid and Salama initially crossed paths in 2006 and got engaged the same year. They married in 2007 and have two sons together. In the realm of content creation, they gained recognition through their collaborative skits. Their joint TikTok account featured humorous glimpses into their daily lives, showcasing their popularity. This interview with Nour Aldin marks the first public discussion by Salama, where she confirmed her separation from Khalid.