Samsung users have been advised to update their devices following the release of security updates by the tech giant to address certain vulnerabilities. The UAE Cyber Security Council has urged users to upgrade their Android devices to the latest version. These vulnerabilities were identified in major flagship models. The update incorporates patches from Google's Android Security Bulletin for July 2024 and additional fixes from Samsung. These vulnerabilities could potentially enable attackers to gain unauthorized access to a device or steal data.

Samsung has also issued some disclaimers regarding the updates: Regular OS upgrades may occasionally delay planned security updates, but users can be assured that OS upgrades will include current security patches upon delivery. The delivery time of security patches may differ based on the region and model. Some patches from chipset vendors, known as Device Specific patches, may not be included in the monthly security update package. These will be included in future security update packages as soon as the patches are ready for delivery.

For further details on the vulnerabilities, users can visit the Samsung website.