As the Haj season approaches in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom has made an announcement regarding the entry of Makkah with visit visas. Effective immediately, individuals holding any type of visit visa will not be permitted to enter Makkah.

The Ministry of Interior has issued this advisory, which will be in effect from Thursday, May 23 to Friday, June 21. These dates correspond to 15 of Dhu al-Qadah, 1445 to 15 of Dhul Hijjah in the Hijri calendar.

For those intending to perform Haj in Makkah, only a Haj permit will grant them entry. Any other form of visit visa will not be considered a permit during this period.

Additionally, the Fatwa Council of Saudi Arabia has imposed a ban on performing Haj without a permit, aiming to ensure the safety and security of pilgrims. Since May 4, Saudi residents have also been mandated to present permits to enter Makkah.

Visitors are strongly advised against visiting the city during this time or staying there without a Haj permit. Violators will face strict consequences.

Pilgrims have been reminded of the 'mandatory' advisory to always carry their identification cards throughout the Haj period. The country's authorities have already commenced the implementation of security and organizational measures in preparation for the Haj, with the primary goal of safeguarding the guests and enabling them to perform their rituals securely.

Furthermore, following the evening prayers on Wednesday, the Kaaba's 'Kiswa' was raised to mark the commencement of the new season.