As residents of Joe Biden's hometown, Scranton, prepared to celebrate the Fourth of July, many expressed concern following the President's lackluster debate performance against Donald Trump. Dennis Frison, a 70-year-old retired food service worker, expressed his opinion outside Whiskey Dick's bar, stating, "I think he should never have done that (debate)."

Scranton, deeply rooted in Biden's political narrative due to his humble beginnings, has seen mixed reactions. Despite the town's historical connection, Pennsylvania remains a pivotal state in the 2024 election. National polls reflect growing anxiety over Biden's capabilities to complete a second term, especially after his recent debate performance.

Frison, commenting on Biden's age, said, "I think he can still do what he needs to do as the president, he's just not as cognizant as he used to be." Regarding potential replacements, Frison expressed reservations about Kamala Harris due to her past statements on racial issues. Locals in Scranton struggle to identify a viable alternative to Biden within the Democratic party.

Conversely, Harris found support among younger voters like Silvera Kosarev, who was actively registering voters outside the Marketplace mall. Kosarev viewed Biden as a temporary placeholder, open to the idea of Harris taking over if Biden decides to step aside.

Support for Trump also persists in Scranton, with residents like Sheryl Krauter criticizing Biden's mental acuity. Krauter, who moved from Queens, New York, to Scranton, reminisced about the stability during Trump's presidency and questioned Biden's fitness for office after his debate performance.

The debate, marked by Biden's incoherent answers and Trump's unchallenged falsehoods, raised serious doubts about Biden's capabilities. This concern was echoed by Jamie Hayes, a neighbor of Biden's childhood home, who felt embarrassed for the President after the debate.

Despite the mixed sentiments, some residents like Hayes remain hopeful, believing in the collective wisdom of Biden's advisors and expressing support for Harris as a potential successor.