A piece of tissue paper bearing the inscription ''bomb@5.30'' was discovered in the bathroom of an Indigo flight from Delhi to Varanasi at Delhi airport on Tuesday morning, prompting security agencies to conduct an inspection. Fortunately, it was confirmed to be a false alarm by a senior CISF official.

The Delhi fire services were contacted at 5.35 am, and two fire engines were dispatched to the scene. The CISF bomb disposal squad also arrived to inspect the flight.

Delhi Police verified that they were alerted around 5 am about a note found in the aircraft's lavatory. Following standard security procedures, a comprehensive inspection was carried out, and no suspicious items were discovered.

An official from CISF confirmed that a member of the flight crew discovered a tissue paper in the lavatory with the word 'bomb' written on it, prompting immediate notification of relevant authorities.

Following the incident, the passengers were safely deboarded as part of standard security protocols. Subsequently, the aircraft underwent thorough checks at a remote bay, where no suspicious items were found.

Meanwhile, an official statement from Indigo's spokesperson informed that the flight had received a specific bomb threat and all necessary safety procedures were adhered to. Once all security checks are completed, the aircraft will be returned to the terminal area.