SEED, a global engineering services firm with nearly two decades of experience, specializes in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) consultancy, offering sustainable design solutions and supervision for projects across the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. The firm has notably contributed to the Wasl Tower in Dubai, a 302-meter-tall mixed-use building featuring offices, a Mandarin Hotel, and high-end residential apartments. SEED was responsible for the complete MEP design and supervision of this project.

SEED's involvement in the Wasl Tower began from its inception, with a team of seven engineers dedicated to continuous supervision. Initially appointed by Werner Sobek and UN Studio, the lead engineering and architectural consultants respectively, SEED's selection was based on its prior experience with high-rise projects, including an 89-story building in India. The company continues to collaborate with these firms on other projects, aiming to make the Wasl Tower one of the most energy-efficient buildings of its scale.

During the pre-concept stage, SEED conducted rigorous design modeling for optimal energy efficiency, incorporating features such as ceramic fins, solar photo-integrated panels, solar thermal panels, lighting controls, and a District Cooling (DC) system. These elements, along with a passive facade design and an integrated heat pump system, significantly reduce energy consumption and the building's carbon footprint.

SEED also worked with the DC utility provider to integrate the tower with the nearest DC plant, ensuring efficient cooling. The company's approach focused on sustainable solutions, including advanced lighting controls, energy-efficient HVAC systems, and scalable plumbing designs. Despite facing challenges in tight spaces during construction, the Wasl Tower project has greatly enhanced SEED's reputation.

SEED will maintain involvement post-handover for a one-year defect liability period, ensuring any MEP issues are addressed in collaboration with suppliers and contractors. The company's commitment to sustainable design aligns with the global shift towards energy efficiency and environmental conservation.

SEED's success with Wasl Tower and other high-rise projects in Dubai, such as those in Business Bay and Downtown, underscores its ability to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions. The firm is also active in various international markets, including India, Saudi Arabia, and East Africa, providing optimized engineering solutions across multiple sectors.