The seeding formula at Grand Slams and its potential return have sparked concerns among players, including world number one Iga Swiatek, following Rafa Nadal's challenging first-round draw at the French Open.

The previous practice of some Grand Slams to base seedings on past results has been a topic of debate, notably with calls to include Nadal among the seeds at Roland Garros. Wimbledon had historically deviated from the ATP and WTA rankings by considering players' past performances on grass.

Swiatek expressed her apprehension, stating that reverting to past-based seeding could lead to complications in the draws, particularly in the women's competition where numerous past Grand Slam champions have varied tournament successes. She emphasized the importance of current rankings as a fair reflection of a player's position.

Former world number one Andy Murray echoed Swiatek's sentiments, affirming the fairness of the current seeding system and highlighting the suitability of the approach at Wimbledon given the unique surface challenges.

Additionally, the article touches on Swiatek's return to the French Open as a top contender, citing her recent winning streak and acknowledging the shift in expectations as she solidifies her position as the top-ranked player.