“First you feast with your eyes, then you feast with your mouth.” This lesson was ingrained in me early by my brother, who once tasted an unappealing yet delicious dish I prepared. This memory remained vivid, prompting curiosity about our meal at Demon Duck in Banyan Tree. We eagerly anticipated the unlimited dim sum night on a Thursday, having always been particular about both taste and presentation of dim sums. The restaurant, under chef Alvin Leung, impressed from the outset with its tree-lined entrance and chic deep blue interiors, complete with a dedicated bag chair. After confirming no food allergies, we delved into the highlight of the evening: the dim sums. Served in a bamboo steamer with a selection of three sauces, the first round featured the delightful chicken xiaolong bao, delicately crafted for easy puncture and soup enjoyment, enhanced by a carrot slice. Subsequent rounds offered exquisite choices like chicken and black truffle fun gao, wild mushroom fun gao, spicy Hokkaido scallop siu mai, and fresh shrimp har gow. Notable dishes included duck gyoza with miso and foie gras, and wasabi prawn toast with tobiko and mango salsa. The unique cheese and onion puff, shaped like a duck, was a visual and gustatory treat. Complementing the extensive dumpling selection were plates of egg fried rice and vegetable fried noodles, adding an authentic touch. The diverse and aesthetically pleasing dim sums made the visit worthwhile, truly a sensory feast. For an extra indulgence, consider adding a half or full duck, though advance notice of 45 minutes is required for preparation. Details: Demon Dim Sum Nights, every Thursday from 7pm-10pm, starting at Dh288 per person for soft beverages. Reservations can be made at +971 (04) 5566466.