When Shankuraj Konwar, a multifaceted singer, songwriter, and composer from Assam, India, was gearing up for a spring festival in Dubai, his thoughts were not solely captivated by the Burj Khalifa. Upon his first arrival, the towering structure naturally caught his eye, but his mind also wandered to the iconic scene from Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, where the actor performs a breathtaking stunt scaling the Burj Khalifa. Konwar shared with City Times, 'Dubai always reminds me of Tom Cruise and that incredible stunt in Burj Khalifa.' His fascination with the scene is a testament to his admiration for creative imagination, drawing parallels to his own inspirations from Prince’s Purple Rain.

Unlike typical young tourists who might prioritize popular Dubai attractions for social media content, Konwar’s approach has always been distinct. After leaving his career as a mechanical engineer in 2016 to pursue music, he has captivated the youth in his state with his melodic symphonies. His presence on YouTube is marked by artistic visuals rather than flashy videos, reflecting his EDM-influenced music and soulful voice, which resonates deeply with his audience in an era dominated by short-form content.

Konwar’s musical journey is deeply intertwined with Project Baartalaap, a concept he co-created, which translates to 'conversation' in Assamese. This project was born out of a profound experience at an event for people with disabilities, where communication through sign language inspired him to explore musical expression. The project, focused on conveying thoughts through music and art, has amassed millions of views on YouTube, surprising even Konwar, who initially had no grand ambitions for it.

Motivated by the success of Project Baartalaap, Konwar now aspires to elevate contemporary Assamese music to a national level, drawing inspiration from the global reach of K-pop. He admires how Korean music, despite language barriers, connects with a worldwide audience through its melodies. Konwar hopes to achieve a similar impact with Assamese music across India.

In Assam, the musical landscape is notably different, with a rich tradition of non-film music, a heritage shaped significantly by the legendary Bhupen Hazarika and his brother Jayanta Hazarika. This heritage has fostered a unique appreciation for non-film music, setting Assam apart from other Indian states dominated by film music.

In 2020, Konwar’s life took a romantic turn during a music festival in Majuli, Assam, where he met Alakananda, who would later become the muse for his love anthem bearing her name. The song, crafted during the COVID-19 lockdown, has become a beloved hit in Assam, reflecting Konwar’s deep emotional connection and creative expression.