"Launching an airline company in Dubai was a vision that began over four decades ago," remarked Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and the Ruler of Dubai, on X. He reminisced about the skepticism faced when the idea of a Dubai-based airline was proposed. The Dubai Ruler fondly remembered the milestones achieved and imparted a lesson on the power of resolve and will in realizing one's aspirations. He reflected on the initial stages during a meeting with leaders from the Emirates Airlines Group. Shortly after the airport's inception, Sheikh Mohammed was entrusted by his father, the late Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, to spearhead the expansion of Dubai airport. He recounted pivotal first steps, such as introducing Dubai's first tourism strategy and opting for private ownership of Emirates, a unique approach among Arab airlines. In 1984, Sheikh Mohammed summoned Maurice Flanagan, the director of the airline services company in Dubai, to his office, setting plans into action. With the decision to privately operate the airline, they had just six months to lease planes, refurbish them, and initiate Emirates. The Dubai Ruler remembered the excitement he and his brother felt amidst the fatigue and pressure of launching the airline on time. Reflecting on the transformation from those early days to the thriving Emirates of today, Sheikh Mohammed advised, "Do not let anyone hinder your dreams." See below for a video Sheikh Mohammed shared on X: From a simple dream 40 years ago, the airline now boasts "112,000 employees, connects us with 277 cities, carries over 50 million passengers yearly, and generates revenues surpassing 137 billion dirhams annually," Sheikh Mohammed noted. He emphasized that the dream continues, with goals to expand operations, inaugurate a larger international airport, and connect to every city across the five continents still to be achieved. Sheikh Mohammed underscored that Dubai has evolved into "the world's airport, a hub for humanity."