In Munich on Monday, former Ukraine striker Andriy Shevchenko showcased the damaged seats from Kharkiv's Sonyachny stadium, originally constructed for Euro 2012, as enthusiastic Ukrainian supporters pledged to continue resisting the Russian incursion. The Ukrainian football association reported that the stadium in eastern Ukraine was devastated by Russian shelling in 2022. In a central Munich square, Ukrainian refugees and supporters who traveled 25 hours from Ukraine observed the blue and yellow seats, just before Ukraine's inaugural Euro 2024 match against Romania. Shevchenko, now the president of the Ukraine Football Association (UAF), reminisced about his time coaching the national team in Kharkiv, expressing deep sorrow over the stadium's destruction. He emphasized that despite physical damage, the spirit of Ukraine remains unbroken. Kyiv aims to highlight at Euro 2024 the ongoing intense conflict in Ukraine, the most severe in Europe since World War Two, affecting civilian life and resulting in the destruction of over 500 sports facilities, including 77 stadiums. Anna Lymarenko, a Kharkiv native visiting Munich, noted the importance of football in maintaining international awareness of Ukraine's plight. The front lines in Ukraine have seen little movement since late 2022, amidst heavy casualties and trench warfare. Despite initial Ukrainian victories and a failed counter-offensive involving Western tanks, Russian forces continue to hold significant Ukrainian territory and are slowly advancing. Moscow views its actions in Ukraine as part of a broader confrontation with the West, while Kyiv and the West denounce Russia's actions as an unlawful war of aggression.