Back in the last century, a certain individual by the name of Andy Warhol is alleged to have made the declaration that “in the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. Although the attribution of this statement to Warhol remains a matter of debate, what is undisputed is that the era to which the famous quote referred is the present, affording individuals the opportunity for global recognition on social media platforms for far more than 15 minutes, armed with just a video camera and microphone.

Given that not all aspiring global celebrities can afford a top-tier movie camera, mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung have risen to the occasion, incorporating highly capable cameras into their latest releases and giving rise to an entire indie film genre shot on mobile devices.

However, the issue of sound quality remains a consideration – after all, one must be heard to achieve fame. This is where the Shure Movemic Two Receiver Kit comes into play. Functioning as a microphone kit tailored to elevate sound quality akin to the enhancements in imaging seen in the iPhone’s Pro version, Shure designed this kit to meet the needs of professionals in the film, journalism, and content creation fields who require reliable wireless microphone systems.

The Shure Movemic Two Receiver Kit is a resilient and versatile solution crafted to deliver high-quality audio capture in diverse settings. A prominent name in the audio industry, Shure has developed this kit to cater to the requirements of filmmakers, journalists, and content creators seeking trustworthy and effective wireless microphone systems.

The kit includes two wireless microphones, each the size of a small USB stick, housed within a wireless earbud-style case equipped with its own built-in battery. While the microphones operate for eight hours on their individual batteries, the case provides two additional full charges.

These microphones connect to your phone or preferred shooting device via Bluetooth and are only operational using the Shure Motiv Audio or Motiv Video apps. Should you opt for a non-Shure app, a dedicated receiver is required, connecting to your phone with a USB-C cable while the microphones connect to it via Bluetooth. This allows you to control the microphones on your mobile device using any non-Shure app utilized for audio or video.

Weighing a mere 8.2 grams each, the feather-light microphones feature a spring-loaded clip for attachment to the speaker’s clothing. They record 24-bit audio and possess an IPX4 rating for water resistance, enabling filming even in adverse conditions such as heavy rain.

The set-up process is straightforward: simply connect the receiver’s USB-C cable to your phone, pair the microphones to the receiver via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to begin. The receiver also boasts a 35mm headphone jack for attaching external headphones to monitor the recorded audio.

Serving as the audio control center, the receiver is equipped with a small joystick for adjusting the microphones’ gain, selecting recording modes for speech and music, and activating a 75Hz or 150Hz recording filter. Each microphone can be individually muted, with their status displayed on the receiver’s screen.

While user-friendly operation is a welcome feature of the device, the true test lies in the recording quality. Here, the Shure undeniably delivers. Renowned for producing microphones that capture clear, natural, and detailed sound, Shure's kit is no exception. The Movemic microphones excel in capturing vocals with impressive clarity, rendering them ideal for interviews, dialogues, and presentations.

The wireless system of the kit operates on a digital transmission platform, effectively maintaining audio fidelity. Our experience confirms minimal interference and dropouts, ensuring consistent and high-quality recorded audio. Furthermore, the microphones' frequency response is tailored to capture the nuances of the human voice, particularly advantageous for professional applications.

As a journalist, during the use of the kit to record a business interview at a construction site, the Shure effectively filtered out the deafening noise of heavy machinery, drills, jackhammers, and pneumatic equipment, allowing the interviewee’s voice to stand out prominently with clear and sharp articulation. Exceptional noise reduction and audio quality undeniably characterize this Shure kit.

However, seamless integration with third-party apps does not appear to be a strong suit. In using the sound recorder app on my mobile phone, I encountered syncing issues at times, resulting in recording losses. While this was not a concern with Shure’s proprietary app, caution may be warranted when using a preferred non-Shure app.

The only other drawback pertains to the price. Priced at Dh2,069, this kit represents a significant upfront investment on the path to attaining Youtube stardom. Nevertheless, given the substantial earnings of content creators, the prospects of reaping manifold returns from your 15 minutes of fame are conceivable.

Shure Movemic Two Receiver Kit wireless microphone


- Crystal clear voice recording

- Excellent noise reduction

- Ease of set-up and use


- Quality of sync with non-Shure apps

- Somewhat overpriced

Price: Dh2,069

Rating: 4.5 stars