Middle East North Africa consumers are enthusiastic about crafting a customized atmosphere while maximizing technology and energy efficiency. 'Smart homes are revolutionizing conventional living spaces in the Middle East. Our commitment is to harness technology to boost convenience for homeowners in the region, aiding them in embracing continuous transformation,' remarked Mohammad Meraj Hoda, Vice President – Emerging Markets at Ring. The GCC smart home market, spearheaded by countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, shows significant growth potential. Revenues in the smart home sector in Saudi Arabia are projected to grow at an annual rate (CAGR 2024-2028) of 10.96%, and 10.49% in the UAE. Factors like rising awareness among customers about sustainability and convenience are driving the market's expansion in this region. Exciting smart home projects are already in progress, focusing on utilizing technology to enhance the quality of life. Ring delivers convenience and efficiency to families and homeowners. Smart home technology is advancing to meet evolving customer needs and busy lifestyles, inspiring the brand's teams, from design to engineering, to keep innovating for homeowners in the Middle East. 'We recently introduced the latest version of our Video Doorbell – Battery Video Doorbell Pro – in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Featuring advanced capabilities and superior image quality, it sets a new standard for battery-powered doorbells, offering customers greater flexibility and versatility,' stated Hoda. 'We value customer feedback to meet regional needs and preferences and provide the tools they desire to make their daily lives more convenient and secure. Our aim is to help homeowners safeguard what matters most to them by enabling them to effortlessly monitor their loved ones, pets, and property.' Ring’s Video Doorbell features, such as Package Alerts — available with a Ring Protect Basic or Plus subscription — assist customers in keeping an eye on doorstep deliveries by alerting them when a package is detected in their specified package zone. Additionally, Live View allows customers to monitor their property, receiving real-time notifications on their phone or tablet whenever their Video Doorbell is pressed or motion is detected by a Ring device. Two-Way Talk in our Security Cameras and Video Doorbells enables customers to check in on their families when they are away from home. Customers can also have a brief conversation with people delivering packages if they are not at home, guiding them on where to place them. Homeowners can remain connected to their homes while enjoying their vacation. Ring Alarm provides an additional layer of protection homeowners can set up to prepare for a vacation ensuring maximum security. These alarms come with motion detectors that can be mounted on flat walls or in corners, ensuring no space is left unattended. It can be synced with other Ring devices, such as video doorbells or indoor and outdoor security cameras in the Ring app. When the alarm sounds, it will automatically trigger all Ring cameras to start recording (when subscribed to a Ring Protect plan), even if they do not detect motion. Customers can receive real-time notifications on their smartphone when the alarm’s sensors are triggered. If Ring Alarm detects an issue and a customer receives an alert, they can easily see what's happening through their Ring cameras on the app and verify whether it's merely a package delivery, or a neighbour passing by. The Ring app also allows customers to arm and disarm their Ring Alarm remotely and tailor the system to their daily needs, for example by setting schedules for when the alarm should be armed or disarmed. Ring Alarm also works with select Alexa-enabled devices, so users can arm, disarm and check the status of their Alarm with simple voice commands. Homeowners can review past events on their Ring devices with Ring Protect Plan subscriptions. The Ring Protect subscription comes in two tiers – Basic and Plus – and all of the events captured by a Ring device are recorded and stored in the cloud where customers can save, share, and download video recordings of any detected events in their account for up to 180 days. Customers can easily scroll through their timeline to check out what moments were missed throughout the day. Without a Ring Protect Plan, customers can still receive real-time notifications when motion is detected and can check in on the live view of their devices from the Ring app, but won’t be able to access video recordings of those events. 'Our devices can be set up, linked, and managed in minutes from a smartphone on the Ring app, providing homeowners with real-time access and control, no matter where they are,' concluded Hoda.