Smpl Holdings has unveiled Smpl Fund I, a $10-million initiative designed to bolster tech and AI startups across MENA and other regions. This fund offers seed capital and strategic support to emerging companies. Mohammad Abu Sheikh, a founding partner at Smpl, highlights the UAE's rise as a global startup hub, citing its progressive policies, tax-free status, advanced infrastructure, and strategic location as key attractions for startups and top talent worldwide. In 2023 alone, the UAE drew over $2 billion in venture capital for startups, showcasing the robustness of its knowledge-based economy and its appeal to quality investments. Sheikh also emphasizes the UAE's workplace ethics, which prioritize respect, integrity, and social responsibility, making it a magnet for global AI and tech firms. Smpl Holdings, founded by second-generation serial entrepreneurs, aims to provide more than just financial backing, as demonstrated by their support for startups like Silla and Actualize AI. These companies have benefited significantly from Smpl Fund's strategic guidance, helping them navigate market complexities and achieve profitability. Smpl Fund is also engaging with major tech players like NVIDA MENA to secure preferential deals for its portfolio companies, underscoring its commitment to enhancing the UAE's entrepreneurial ecosystem.