Sobha Realty, Dubai's prominent property developer, is set to construct a new community shopping mall in Sobha Hartland, with an investment of Dh210 million. The construction of the mall has already begun and is expected to finish in the latter half of 2026.

Spanning approximately 339,000 square feet in built-up area and offering around 115,000 square feet of gross leasable space, the mall will include a supermarket, gym, play courts, a soft play/entertainment zone, and a selection of restaurants with diverse culinary offerings. It will accommodate 35 retail and F&B outlets, along with more than 10 dining choices.

Ravi Menon, co-chairman of Sobha Group, highlighted that the mall will provide a variety of retail options, gourmet dining, and entertainment. He emphasized that the mall is envisioned not just as a shopping destination but as a central point for community interaction, blending nature, culture, and recreation to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors.

The developer noted that the mall will incorporate greenery, water features, natural lighting, energy-efficient lighting, solar panels, sustainable building materials, and a skylight roof. Additionally, it will feature interactive displays, smart lighting systems, and digital wayfinding to improve visitor experiences. The mall will also include a vibrant central area with a cascading void from the basement to the roof, enhancing the retail experience, and a strategically placed media screen on the facade to increase visibility. The biophilic design, featuring green walls, water features, floating pods, and natural lighting, aims to create a tranquil environment.