When does loudness become mere noise, and when does it transform into music? The distinction lies in whether it's emanating from a Sony ULT Tower 10 wireless tower speaker or not. Having recently evaluated Sony's ULT Wear headphones for these pages, we held modest expectations; envisioning merely excessive loudness from the tower speakers of the same series from the Japanese giant. However, we were in for a pleasant surprise.

The ULT series is part of Sony's new lineup of audio products, aimed at enhancing and refining sound quality. Our initial skepticism, fueled by the ULT Wear headphones, which seemed to prioritize bass and volume over musicality, made us wary. Yet, the ULT Tower 10 proved to be a different story altogether. This speaker is a powerhouse in every sense, capable of delighting even the most discerning audio enthusiasts.

Before even powering it on, the Tower 10 commands attention with its imposing dimensions—3.6 feet tall, 16.5 inches wide, and 16.9 inches deep—and a substantial 30kg weight, necessitating the assistance of two people for relocation. Despite its size, the inclusion of a handle and small caster wheels facilitates movement, though larger wheels would have been beneficial for navigating uneven terrain.

Design-wise, the ULT Tower 10 presents as a monolithic block of black plastic, featuring two tweeters at the top, midrange drivers within, and a sizeable woofer at the base. LED lights along the frame edges provide a subtle, indirect lighting effect, contrasting with the more obtrusive designs of competitors. The control panel, located on top, includes an on-off switch, ULT sound boost, and touch controls for various functions.

In terms of sound, the ULT Tower 10 excels, particularly in Karaoke settings, thanks to an Echo button and a supplied wireless microphone. Guitarists will appreciate the quarter-inch guitar input jack concealed behind a removable hatch. The speaker delivers clarity and musicality even at high volumes, though caution is advised against operating it at full blast to avoid potential legal issues.

At moderate volumes, the ULT Tower 10 offers an addictive listening experience, capable of handling a diverse range of music with detailed sound staging, balanced highs and lows, and nuanced musicality. The inclusion of two Sony apps—Music Centre and Fiestable—allows for further sound customization, though the default settings are already impressive.

While the lack of a battery and a shorter power cable are minor drawbacks, the Dh3,999 retail price is justified by the speaker's exceptional sound quality. Earning a five-star rating, the Sony ULT Tower 10 wireless speaker is a worthy investment for those seeking top-tier audio performance.