OY HOSPITALITY proudly presents its new destination — vibrant SOON Nobby x True Izakaya. Inspired by Japanese anime culture and gaming as well as cyber punk and the 1980s’ aesthetics, SOON is a completely new go-out venue for foodies, socialites, party fans, and cocktail lovers. Combining veritable Japanese cuisine with a touch of neoteric pop culture, SOON’s unique framework makes a statement of style and draws curious minds’ attention.
SOON’s minimalistic contemporary decor is successfully complemented with such provocative details as the Ahegao-style graphic floor and Tō Kōtei-the-Robot, its name meaning ‘party emperor’, as well as by the warm red lighting, symbolising The Land Of The Rising Sun, and the menu, featuring both Japanese classics and worldwide food trends – a good chance to eat, drink, and escape from everyday life for a while – created by Chef Brian Hoang, experienced and knowledgeable of world cuisines. The venue’s six different zones provide an opportunity to enjoy a private dinner in your close circle, get a quick nosh at our street-food-style sushi counter, or have a bustling party to remember.


Armada Tower 2, Cluster P, JLT, Dubai, the UAE


Sunday – Thursday 12.00 —1 a.m. Friday – Saturday 12.00 — 3 a.m.


+971 55 434 0575