South Africa has strongly criticized Israel for its attack on a displaced persons camp in Rafah, Gaza, calling it 'deplorable' and 'brutal'.

The attack, which resulted in the deaths of 45 people, has been met with global outrage and prompted an emergency UN Security Council meeting.

The South African Government, in alignment with the international community, condemned the bombing of the tent camp and emphasized that it occurred shortly after the International Court of Justice's ruling for Israel to cease its military offensive in Rafah.

Israel has rejected the ICJ's ruling, asserting that the court had erred. South Africa has stood by its accusations, stating that the recent attack validates its claims.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel referred to the strike as a 'tragic accident' and pledged to continue the military campaign against Hamas in response to their attack on October 7. The conflict has resulted in casualties on both sides, with a substantial number of lives lost.

The South African foreign ministry emphasized the urgency of holding those responsible for such 'heinous crimes' accountable through the issuance of international arrest warrants. The ministry underscored the collective responsibility of the international community in ensuring that such atrocities are appropriately prosecuted.

The International Criminal Court's prosecutor has sought arrest warrants for senior Israeli and Hamas leaders in connection with the conflict.