A dedicated private passageway has been established for Haj pilgrims departing from Dubai for the yearly Islamic pilgrimage, according to a senior official. This corridor features exclusive counters for check-in and passport control, along with designated departure gates, ensuring that pilgrims avoid the intense travel congestion typically seen in Dubai before the Eid Al Adha and summer holiday period. Mohammad Al Marzouqi, the head of the Haj Committee at Dubai Airports, explained to Khaleej Times: 'From the instant they enter the airport building, Haj pilgrims are guided through a private corridor until they reach their departure gates.' Airlines operating Haj flights had requested these special departure gates almost two months in advance. 'Each airline has its own terminal and specific area. For instance, some passengers will depart from Terminal 3, area 3; Saudi Airlines from Terminal 1, area 6; and Flynas from Terminal 1, area 4,' the official detailed. To guarantee that pilgrims worldwide can perform Haj, Saudi Arabia sets country-specific quotas. More than 6,200 Haj pilgrims will leave the UAE, with 4,600 departing from Dubai International Airport (DXB). Expatriates must adhere to the quotas and procedures of their respective countries. Over 100,000 expatriate pilgrims are expected to transit through DXB, the official noted. The annual Islamic pilgrimage, Haj, commences on June 14. UAE residents will enjoy a public holiday from June 15 to 18 to commemorate Arafat Day and the Islamic holiday Eid Al Adha. This extended weekend will see many residents traveling out of Dubai for short vacations. Al Marzouqi advised Haj pilgrims to arrive at the airport at least four hours before their scheduled departure time. 'There, they will undergo blood pressure and sugar testing. Health experts will be present to guide them on what to expect during their pilgrimage. Additionally, we will distribute umbrellas and water bottles.' Pilgrims must bring their passports, Haj permits, and vaccination cards. The official emphasized the need for pilgrims to carefully review their documents and travel details before arriving at the airport and to stay hydrated during the pilgrimage. Weather forecasts in Saudi Arabia predict average high temperatures of 44℃ during Haj. The first return flight is scheduled to arrive at DXB on June 19.