As the summer season kicks off and families prepare for a well-deserved break, the concern of leaving home unattended arises. Thankfully, staying in touch with your home while away is now simpler than ever, thanks to Ring. Their user-friendly devices, ranging from video doorbells to indoor and outdoor cameras, link you to your home from any location globally via the Ring app.

Ring’s indoor and outdoor Security Cams can be positioned almost anywhere within and around your home. Whether you opt for an Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) or Stick Up Cam Battery, once connected, these devices record live, high-resolution video and provide two-way communication, sending instant alerts to your phone. Equipped with sophisticated motion detection that differentiates between people and pets, along with night vision features, they guarantee dependable surveillance even in pitch darkness.

For those residing in a villa, the Stick Up Cam Battery can also be deployed outdoors, proving beneficial for monitoring your backyard and exterior spaces. You can also set up Ring Solar Panels to power your Stick Up Cam Battery with just a few hours of direct sunlight daily. Another excellent addition is the Battery Video Doorbell Pro, enabling you to see, hear, and converse with visitors from anywhere. Whether it’s a friend coming by to water your plants or an early delivery, a video doorbell keeps you connected to home happenings while you’re away.

With a straightforward setup for both indoor and outdoor surveillance, you’ll be able to monitor your home and enjoy tranquility of mind, whether you’re away for a short weekend or an extended period. With Amazon Prime Day deals slated from July 16 to 21, you can also take advantage of up to 50 percent off on Ring devices this summer.