As temperatures across the nation reach unprecedented highs, yesterday saw a record-breaking 50.8℃. Amidst this scorching season, residents have been cautioned about the risk of heat exhaustion, and medical professionals have provided advice and preventive measures. The government has implemented various programs to support workers and delivery riders during this hot period. Here are five free ways for residents to stay cool.

1. Free rain shows: Missing the refreshing sensation of raindrops? In the UAE, rain can be experienced even in the midst of intense heat. At Sharjah's Zawaya Walk, you can enjoy a stroll in the rain despite the soaring temperatures. The rain shows are free for all and occur every hour from 9am to 12pm, and again from 5pm to 11pm for 5 minutes each.

2. Free ice cream: What better way to enjoy summer than with ice cream? On June 10 and 11, free ice cream cones will be available at Metro stations. Locations and times include: Mashreq and Ibn Battuta Metro Stations from 11am to 1pm on July 10, and Equiti and Onpassive Metro Stations at 11am. The cones come in five flavors: Chocolate, cookies and cream, butterscotch, cotton candy, and vanilla. Additionally, workers and delivery riders can benefit from the Al Freej fridge, which offers free ice cream, juices, and cold water until August 23.

3. Free buttermilk: Stay hydrated with this refreshing drink that not only cools you down but also provides essential hydration. Madurai Restaurant in Abu Shagara offers free buttermilk to anyone during peak summer hours, from 11am to 3pm. The owner, Babu Murugan, announced this initiative will continue throughout the season. The drink is lower in fat and rich in electrolytes.

4. Free water bottles and refill stations: Drinking plenty of water is crucial during summer to prevent dehydration and exhaustion. In Sharjah, a 68-year-old Pakistani biker, Mohammad Dawood, distributes free bottled water on weekends. Additionally, Dubai Can provides free water at over 50 refill stations across the city, which operate year-round.

5. Free access to gym: Beat the heat by working out indoors for free at Dubai Sports World (DSW), the largest indoor sports facility in the region. The gym is accessible for free from 8am to 12pm during the summer, and includes free activities like yoga lessons and running clubs.