The UAE is increasingly becoming a favored destination for business relocation. However, this growth comes with challenges: as demand increases, setting up a business becomes more difficult. Longer waiting times, overwhelmed regulatory bodies, constantly busy helplines, and higher costs for registration mistakes are becoming the norm. Entrepreneurs are now required to meticulously prepare their submissions, understand local regulations, gather necessary documents, and execute everything flawlessly. A minor error can lead to resubmission and starting the process anew.

Navigating the complexities of business registration has become more arduous due to the surge in demand for startup services. UPPERESTUP, an online platform launched in the UAE, seeks to simplify this process. Developed by UPPERCASE, a seasoned player in traditional business consulting, UPPERESTUP leverages AI technology. "For 15 years at UPPERCASE, we've offered traditional licensing and business consulting globally—we understand what works and what doesn't. We aim to share our expertise through an accessible online platform with an AI assistant, benefiting not just entrepreneurs but also boosting the UAE's economy by facilitating business setup," explained Vitaliy Chiryassov, founder of UPPERCASE and CEO of UPPERESTUP.

UPPERSETUP is designed to assist entrepreneurs in mapping out a clear path to successfully launch their businesses in the UAE. Utilizing AI and ML technologies with access to UPPERCASE's extensive knowledge base, the platform enables users to set up and manage their businesses in the Emirates semi-autonomously. It provides document templates, licensing and registration information, and a transparent fee structure. The platform guides entrepreneurs through tailored step-by-step instructions to avoid common pitfalls and expedite business launches.

Additionally, UPPERSETUP's dashboard offers users an overview of their progress, industry trends, and key performance indicators, along with access to legal, tax, and accounting services. The platform also features a marketplace connecting entrepreneurs with investors, advisors, and regulators, complemented by a rating and review system to help find reliable business partners in the UAE.