Stride Ventures, a prominent venture debt firm in India, is delighted to reveal that Ishpreet Singh Gandhi, the founder and managing partner, took part in the Future Investment Initiative (FII) summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The summit, which included the presence of Brazil's President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, alongside international leaders, innovators, and investors, highlighted the crucial role of regional trade networks and the significance of global expansion for startups. Stride Ventures is dedicated to forging new global connections for Indian startups and investors. The FII's inaugural summit in Latin America is fostering new global synergies. Headed by CEO Richard Attias, the institute serves as a leading global forum that unites key players to debate and influence the future of investment and innovation. This year's summit included a significant panel discussion titled 'Localisation in the Age of Global Networks,' moderated by Eithne Treanor, the managing director of E. Treanor Media. The panel featured notable figures such as Henadi Al-Saleh, the chairperson of Agility's board of directors; Renan Filho, Brazil’s Minister of Transport; Hussain Abdulla, a senior advisor to Golden Gate Ventures; and Ismail Radwan, the senior director for economics & investment strategy at the Public Investment Fund (PIF). During the panel, Gandhi discussed the evolving landscape of regional and global trade and its effects on startups. He emphasized how utilizing regional trade agreements, optimizing supply chains, and incorporating advanced technologies can greatly boost the resilience and efficiency of startups, setting them up for enduring global growth.

'Startups have the agility and innovation required to exploit new opportunities emerging from the realignment of global supply chains,' Gandhi stated. 'By investing in local supply chains, we can establish a more robust and inclusive global network that promotes sustainable and fair economic growth.' Stride Ventures has been a leader in assisting Indian startups with access to international connections, financial tools, and solutions to ensure their scalability and reliability are highlighted in global markets. Stride Ventures' portfolio features notable companies with a 'born global' identity poised to serve the international market, such as Lohum, an eco-friendly battery material leader specializing in Lithium-Ion Battery recycling. Lohum's founder, Rajat, also attended the summit to explore regional synergies. Recently, Lohum established similar global connections in the UAE, where they inaugurated the UAE’s first EV battery recycling plant, demonstrating the potential of cross-border cooperation in addressing resource scarcity and promoting sustainable growth. The involvement of Stride Ventures in the FII summit emphasizes the importance of global expansion for Indian startups. As the Indian startup ecosystem expands, the firm is committed to promoting international partnerships and constructing resilient supply chains that drive innovation and sustainable development.