Visitors to Dubai International (DXB) airport are encouraged to explore an impressive exhibition emphasizing the critical need to safeguard our planet. The lively corridor linking concourses B and C now features a striking black-and-white display of wildlife, photographed by renowned nature photographer Chris Fallows. Fallows' images, often taken under challenging conditions, provide a unique and powerful artistic view on global biodiversity and conservation issues. The exhibition, presented through two compelling sections, 'The 11th Hour' and 'Moments in Time', showcases the splendor and vulnerability of endangered species, including breathtaking images of great white sharks and Africa's last tuskers. 'Moments in Time' highlights significant moments from Fallows' career, illustrating the planet's biodiversity. South African photographer Chris Fallows, who has dedicated his life to wildlife, aims to raise awareness about the importance of wild animals in maintaining the planet's balance. His photographs at the Dubai airport serve to convey the message that these creatures deserve to coexist with us and contribute to our planet's health. One notable photograph, titled 'Warrior', captures a wild lion's portrait, reflecting Fallows' close encounter with the majestic animal. The exhibition at DXB supports Dubai Airports' commitment to conservation and sustainability, aligning with their involvement in combating illegal wildlife trade. Fallows emphasizes the urgency of implementing sustainable practices, noting that time is running out to define our planet's future. The exhibition also supports initiatives like 'My Trees', which aims to restore natural habitats and preserve biodiversity in South Africa by planting indigenous trees.