Healthcare specialists warn that itching during the summer may signal more severe health problems and advise against overlooking such symptoms. Common summer skin issues include acne, folliculitis, dry skin, melasma, sun allergies, sunburn, and swimming-related rashes like swimmer’s ear and swimmer’s itch. Dr. C Vijay Krishna from the Centre for Dermatology and Cosmetology at Thumbay University Hospital noted that itching could be a symptom of diabetes, thyroid problems, liver or kidney disease, or even certain cancers. Dr. Doaa Al Rawad from Burjeel Day Surgery Center cautioned that sunburn not only ruins summer enjoyment but also heightens the risk of skin cancer. Dr. Krishna shared the case of a young Filipina with an itchy rash on her face and hands, initially treated for acne with doxycycline, which led to a photosensitivity reaction exacerbated by sun exposure. She was switched to alternative treatments. Dr. Al Rawad also discussed the prevalence of heat rash in infants, recommending breathable clothing and cool environments. Persistent severe itching, especially if it affects sleep, could indicate a systemic issue, possibly accompanied by jaundice, significant weight loss, altered bowel habits, fatigue, or abnormal blood tests. It is crucial to consult a doctor if itching persists despite allergy treatments, as timely diagnosis and treatment are vital for overall health and managing the itch. Doctors recommend using moisturizers to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce dehydration, suggesting the application of cold, wet cloths or ice packs to alleviate itching, as endorsed by the American Academy of Dermatology.