Have you observed an increase in accidents during the summer months in Dubai? This is frequently attributed to tyre failures during the intense heat. Tyres are more susceptible to failure due to malfunctions and inadequate inspections. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive vehicle inspection before the summer begins. Tyres can burst for various reasons, including heat pressure, overloading, damage, inflation issues, and the age and quality of the tyre.

Dubai Police has provided safety guidelines that drivers must adhere to in order to remain safe and prevent accidents. These include: ensuring the validity of tyres and the absence of vibrations; regularly inspecting tyres for cracks and bulges; frequently changing the engine oil; and checking for any fluid leaks. Regular vehicle check-ups are crucial for preventing accidents on the road. Recently, Abu Dhabi police also cautioned drivers about the risk of tyre bursts after recording 22 traffic accidents in 2023.