Metropolis, highway, traffic jams, crazy rhythm and suddenly a quiet island amongst the noise. Time is moving slowly here: it is almost frozen in the wine room — it is calm and cool there inspite of the summer heat — wine needs it. Wine is preserved, produced and sold by a person who knows everything about it and brings peoples' traditions of wine making. The founder, owner and president of the haute couture in wine company 'Palais Royal', winner of Fashion People Awards 2018 'Royal wine taste' and EY Entrepreneur of the year, Lady of Russia, Lady Maecenas, Julia Evdokimova — about the happiness of following your Path.

I founded Palais Royal Group thirteen years ago setting a high bar for it right from the beginning. I wanted to prove that I can distinctly follow up the dynasty: my father is a scientist, academician, one of the constructors of Soviet Shuttle 'Buran', his books are translated into many languages. I always did my best to achieve high goals. Now I think that my way started by that time when I saw my father working and my mother inspiring him and keeping the family hearth warm. It is absolutely clear for me that there's nothing more important than our roots, traditions and the value system we acquire in our childhood.
My parents gave me a perfect education. I graduated from Financial and Economic University, studied marketing in Sweden's Uppsala University, MBA in Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Commerce, graduated from the State High School of Economics in Moscow as a specialist in 'Anti crisis management'. Even as a student I was never distracted, I studied and still study. Of course irrational moments also happened on my way: insights, happy coincidences, but all of it was based on sleepless nights and hard working. So one beautiful day in Il Borro estate in Italy belonging to Ferragamo Family the Famous Family members and their directors listened to my business plan and confirmed it as a best of the kind amongst others. It was 2006 and Palais Royal was just one and half years old by that time — Ferragamo House chose Palais Royal and believed in my personal qualities and strength of mind. Today we present more than 800 names of wines and other spirits. Our suppliers are the best wine manufacturers from France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. There are famous wineries among them, such as Birgit Eichinger, Il Borro, Alberto Graci, Domenico Clerico, Rene Schloesser, Fattoria Fibbiano, Villa Mangiacane, Haan Wines, Rodriguez Sanzo, Mastrojanni, Dombeya Haskell Vineyards, Berlucchi, Mikulski. Wine Le Monde from Friuli-Venezia Giulia — Italy's north-eastern region made in Torrevento winery from Apulia — region in southeastern Italy — owns us its popularity in Russia. This wine was known even in Ancient Rome. I did all I could to make it come true.

It is extremely important to believe in what you do. I always did and I think this helped me to find the most precise name for the brand of my dream. It happened in 2005. I just followed my feet through the night Paris: I was all alone, on the wave of emotions and thoughts about something important but different when I suddenly found myself between Louvre and Palais Royal Castle. Goosebumps on my skin brought the insight — exactly, that would be my brand's name: it's my ambition, my altitude I dare to climb: just and only the best, fit for Kings! There's a taste on your tongue and palate: French sommeliers call it with the same sounding word: 'pale'.

Palais Royal is a royal taste in everything — in exclusive product portfolio, in wine drinking culture we present a philosophy and connect with the idea of consumer as of a cultured and intellectual person. Our service is individual and of a high quality. Started from zero our company develops vertically: we already have our own winery, our farm — cheese manufacturing; we plan to make our own restaurant. We plan to open a marketing outlet for Palais Royal which from the point of view of the concept will be on the one hand social and on the other — cultural.
At first sight business and religion can not be connected. But grape wine is one of the oldest symbols of the Bible and it is an important and integral element of the Christian Churches' symbolism and the Mystery of the Eucharist. Despite of ten generations of Jewish roots, I converted to Christianity due to my religious teachers. Faith gives me power to help people. My charity participation is guided by my soul: I help children, I support building Churches. It is a choice to follow the way of love to other people and there is no other, better way.
My path is happiness in anticipation of dreams coming true. One big dream came true. But I imagine that future morning when I wake up in my winery farm, narrowing my eyes because of the early morning sun, go out — yet alone on my big house's terrace with a cup of coffee and an orange like a character of Francoise Sagan and sit down on one of its steps. The warmth of wood under sun reminds me of the fact that everything is connected in this world: tender women's hands, solid men's shoulders, sweet children's voices. I see a happy big family's day — a dinner in the shadow of grape wine, my beloved husband pours wine into my glass. Royal taste — a taste of life. Tomorrow like thousands years ago.