Britain's Sunday Times newspaper endorsed the main opposition Labour Party on Sunday for the July 4 parliamentary election, stating in an editorial that the country requires a "radical reset" following 14 years of Conservative governance.

Owned by Rupert Murdoch's News UK, the newspaper has historically supported the Conservatives since 2005 but now argues that the country cannot continue with what it perceives as an "exhausted" party.

The editorial asserts, "We believe it is now the right time for Labour to be entrusted with restoring competence to government. There comes a time when change is the only option." Keir Starmer's Labour Party currently leads Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's Conservatives in opinion polls.

The Sunday Times highlights that since 2016, marked by the Brexit referendum, political chaos has dominated, diverting Conservative leaders from focusing on critical voter issues such as healthcare, schools, and the economy.

The newspaper concludes, "The Conservatives have effectively forfeited the right to govern. In opposition, they must regroup, rejuvenate, reject internal conflicts, and stop blaming others for their troubles." Meanwhile, The Sun, another Murdoch-owned best-selling British newspaper, has yet to declare its endorsement in the election, known for its strong track record in picking election winners.

Other publications, including the Daily Mirror and the Guardian, have endorsed Labour, whereas the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph support the Conservatives. The Economist, a pro-business weekly magazine, has also thrown its support behind Labour.