Switzerland's coach Murat Yakin expressed confidence on Wednesday, stating that his team is well-prepared to challenge England at Euro 2024 after impressive performances against Germany and Italy. Yakin emphasized that England, despite their star-studded lineup, should expect a tough match against a spirited and skillful Swiss side. He highlighted the team's readiness for the upcoming quarterfinal in Duesseldorf, saying, "We've shown our mettle against top teams like Germany and Italy, and there's no reason we can't do the same against England." Yakin's comments came during a press conference, where he acknowledged the challenge ahead but expressed optimism about his team's capabilities.

England, who were favored before the tournament, now face scrutiny due to a series of lackluster displays, raising doubts about their ability to overcome a well-organized Swiss team. Yakin, who faced similar criticism last year, understands the pressure on England manager Gareth Southgate. He reflected on his own experiences, advising to focus solely on the game rather than media scrutiny. Yakin's tactical adjustments and strategic team choices have been lauded, helping Switzerland maintain a strong defensive and offensive stance.