A Brazilian teenage boy, 16, killed his parents and sister after his phone was confiscated by his parents following an argument. The tragic incident occurred in Sao Paulo on Friday but was only reported on Monday when the boy confessed to the police. The boy, who was adopted, expressed extreme frustration over the phone confiscation, leading to the heinous act. He used his father's service gun to shoot him in the back before proceeding to shoot his 16-year-old sister in the face. Upon his mother's return home hours later, he fatally shot her as well with the same gun.

The investigation aims to determine if the boy's actions were provoked by psychological issues. Authorities are also exploring the possibility of accomplices or whether the boy communicated with anyone prior to the incident. Despite his arrest on early Monday, the teen remained in the house with the bodies since Friday. During this time, he visited the gym and made a purchase at a bakery. Additionally, on Saturday, he stabbed his deceased mother with a knife, displaying a cold and detached demeanor when discussing the crimes.

The teen is currently held at a juvenile detention centre and is protected by special legislation for minor defendants in Brazil, precluding him from being tried as an adult.