The cast and creators of the 10-time Emmy-winning FX series The Bear marked its third season on Tuesday at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. The show, starring Jeremy Allen White as the acclaimed chef Carmy, depicts his journey after inheriting his deceased brother's sandwich shop in Chicago and his efforts to rejuvenate it. This Hollywood premiere was notably different for White compared to previous ones. 'It's insane, man,' he remarked as enthusiastic fans assembled outside. 'We had a premiere for season one, which was nice, but not on this scale. There weren't people calling out our names then. It's wonderful, man.' Season three of The Bear debuts on Hulu on Wednesday. The New York Times recently described the show as a 'cultural phenomenon that has ignited fresh curiosity about the individuals working behind restaurant scenes.' Ayo Edebiri, portraying Carmy’s sous-chef, Sydney, believes the show is continually evolving. 'In a significant way, the show is also challenging itself. Chris' refusal to settle is one of his best traits,' she said, referring to creator Christopher Storer. 'It mirrors life in a way,' she added. Edebiri finds it a 'beautiful dance' to be part of Storer’s artistic drive. The show is known for its intense kitchen scenes with frantic chefs and loud exchanges. White, however, has grown accustomed to this atmosphere. 'I don't mind it,' he noted. 'Sometimes releasing that energy is really good. It's akin to taking melatonin; once it's out, you can go home more relaxed.'