The R&A has commended the Oman Golf Association for its dedication to the game's expansion, particularly through programs aimed at fostering participation among women and young players. The R&A actively supports and engages in initiatives to ensure golf remains a vibrant sport globally for the next 50 years, with support extended to 165 affiliates in 146 countries, including Oman. The R&A has pledged to invest 100 million Omani riyals over a decade in golf development and is committed to the international growth of the sport, including the creation and management of eco-friendly golf facilities. Sayyid Azzan bin Kais Tarik Al Said, the Chairman of the Oman Golf Association (OGA), along with other OGA Board Members, recently welcomed Neal Graham, The R&A's Development Manager for the Middle East and India, at the Oman Olympic Committee headquarters in Muscat. During his visit, Neal outlined The R&A's primary development goals, which focus on making golf more accessible, attractive, and inclusive, while preserving golf's traditions and breaking down barriers to progress. This discussion aligned with the Oman Golf Association's objectives and strategy, which also support the broader Oman Vision 2040. The R&A's historical support has been crucial in enabling numerous women, girls, and junior golfers to experience golf and its benefits for the first time. Looking ahead, the OGA Board eagerly discussed the upcoming launch of The R&A's Unleash Your Drive program in Oman's schools, a six-week beginner golf course that introduces golf basics and integrates nine mental toughness skills to positively impact students' well-being. The program is conducted within school premises, ensuring a safe environment for all. Sayyid Azzan bin Kais Tarik Al Said, Chairman of the Oman Golf Association, expressed gratitude to The R&A for their continuous support and guidance. He noted, 'Golf is still in its early stages in Oman, but we see great potential for growth.' With the backing of The R&A and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Youth, the Oman Golf Association aims to provide golf experiences to a wide audience and support the continuous development of talented individuals. Neal Graham acknowledged the efforts of the Oman Golf Association in promoting women's and junior golf initiatives and their commitment to the sport's long-term growth. As signatories of The R&A Women in Golf Charter, their fulfillment of the pledge to grow the sport is commendable,' he added.