In the ever-changing dining landscape of the UAE, only those establishments that adapt can endure. One such place is The Stables, situated on Sheikh Zayed Road. This British bar has maintained its popularity through its vibrant live performances and delicious food. The Peninsula Hospitality Group, which owns The Stables, has a legacy of excellence, founded by Karunakar R. Shetty in 1980. The group has since become a significant player in the hospitality sector. As The Stables evolves, it continues to charm guests of all ages. We interviewed Rahul Shetty, the managing director of The Stables and Peninsula Hospitality, to learn the secrets of their success in the competitive F&B industry.

The concept of The Stables was born when Rahul Shetty noticed a gap in Dubai's market for a sports bar with entertainment and a cozy club atmosphere. He envisioned a unique blend of these elements, offering a British pub experience with a focus on horse racing, a shared interest among British expats and locals. This concept was infused with his personal passion for horses.

The Stables has succeeded in the dynamic UAE food and beverage scene by focusing on quality ingredients, innovative menus, a welcoming atmosphere, and exceptional customer service. The ability to adapt to trends and consistently provide memorable experiences has set it apart.

Planning the F&B menu at The Stables involves thorough market research, cost analysis, ingredient sourcing, menu balancing, and collaboration with chefs to create innovative dishes. The goal is to offer a menu that delights customers and aligns with the establishment's concept.

Music curation is vital at The Stables, enhancing the ambience by selecting music that complements the theme and vibe. This careful selection aims to integrate music seamlessly into the dining and social experience.

The Stables attracts a diverse demographic by offering inclusive entertainment options, diverse music, and a menu suitable for all ages. This inclusive approach ensures there is something for everyone, creating a welcoming environment for diverse guests.