Three Indian expatriates passed away in the Al Rafah district of Dubai on Sunday. Two were discovered lifeless in their accommodation, while the third was transported to a hospital where he was subsequently pronounced dead. All three were employees of a local maintenance firm.

Social worker Naseer Vadanappily, overseeing the case, mentioned that the bodies are being subjected to official procedures to determine the cause of death. 'The authorities have not yet disclosed the cause of death for these three individuals,' he stated. 'We are providing comprehensive support to the families and friends of the deceased, and are making every effort to facilitate the repatriation of the bodies.'

A friend of the deceased, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that the expatriates, residing in a villa, had been out all night. 'They came back to their room in the early morning of Sunday and went to sleep around 6am,' he recounted. 'At around 12pm, one of them phoned a mutual friend, stating he couldn't breathe. This friend immediately contacted the ambulance and police, and rushed to the scene. On the way, he also called me. Upon my arrival, the room was cordoned off by police and authorities, who informed me that two were already dead and a third had been taken to the hospital by ambulance.'

The 29-year-old, who was taken to a nearby hospital, succumbed to his condition. A medical report reviewed by Khaleej Times indicated that the patient arrived without a pulse or measurable blood pressure and was declared dead shortly after. The friend expressed that the entire community was deeply saddened. 'We all hail from neighboring villages in Rajasthan and would meet up every few days,' he said. 'These individuals were incredibly helpful and among the most diligent workers. They had been with the same company for over five years. It's still hard to accept that they are gone.'

A source involved in the investigation revealed that authorities are exploring various possibilities including food poisoning and accidental inhalation of chemicals.