Responding to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Thumbay Group has established a specialized division dedicated to AI transformation, demonstrating a proactive commitment to harnessing AI for medical education and clinical healthcare enhancement. This initiative signifies a significant step towards embracing cutting-edge technology to shape the future of healthcare.

Dr Thumbay Moideen, founder president of Thumbay Group, emphasized the strategic alignment of their core businesses with the age of artificial intelligence. The division aims to act as a catalyst, implementing best practices and showcasing the profound impact of technology and data science on patient care and treatment outcomes.

Under Gulf Medical University’s Thumbay Institute of AI in Healthcare, a unique industry-specific curriculum is offered to all health professions students, with plans to develop certificate, diploma, and master’s programs. AI has also been integrated into all medical programs at GMU, and the institute hosts a Student AI club that actively fosters partnerships, organizes events, and promotes innovative solutions.

As healthcare education evolves, Gulf Medical University’s curriculum equips health professionals with the necessary skills to navigate the expanding landscape of technology. The integration of advancements in AI, big data analysis, and cybersecurity into health professions education prepares students for a future where technology is intrinsic to patient care.

In the clinical delivery sector, Thumbay Group is implementing an AI roadmap to enhance efficiency across academic hospitals, daycare centers, clinics, diagnostics, and pharmacies. Initially, AI will streamline tasks such as financial management, patient scheduling, billing, marketing, and resource management, with the aim of reducing operational costs and minimizing human error.

Empowering the workforce with the latest AI technologies is vital for achieving milestones in medical education and clinical healthcare delivery. These efforts are essential for shifting from a reactive approach to proactive care, accelerating the future of quality care and research, and solidifying the UAE's position as a leading destination for innovation in healthcare and health professions education.