The quick response of two nurses at a clinic in Dubai saved the life of a baby who had choked while eating a biscuit dipped in milk. The mother, KAS, was in a state of panic and rushed the child to the nearest Aster clinic at Aswaq Mall, even though it was closed for the day.

Nurses Anjali Somarajan and Vidhya Prasad, who were waiting for a taxi outside the clinic, acted swiftly. They assessed the baby's condition and began emergency procedures, successfully dislodging the blockage after several attempts. Once the baby was stabilized, they directed the mother to the nearest hospital for further evaluation and care.

Doctors urge parents to remain vigilant to prevent choking incidents, as it is a leading cause of unintentional deaths in young children globally. Proper knowledge of life-saving techniques, such as back blows and chest thrusts for infants and the Heimlich Maneuver for older children, is crucial. Additionally, familiarizing oneself with preventive strategies and essential life-saving skills, including CPR, is imperative.

Dr. Vanitha Ramalingam from Burjeel Hospital emphasizes the importance of parental supervision, especially during the first year when infants are exploring new foods and objects. It is crucial for parents to monitor meals, ensure that food is cut into small pieces, and supervise playtime to prevent choking incidents.

A recent study in the UAE revealed that a significant number of children are brought to medical facilities annually due to choking. Inadequately cooked food and small objects like toys, batteries, and coins pose significant risks for infants and young children. Recognizing severe choking symptoms, such as the inability to breathe, turning blue, or becoming unconscious, is critical for prompt intervention.