"Successful person who seem to have everything place love and their time above all else.  Let's take an exam-ple: One of our clients enters a bank office and passes face recognition technology, scents the smell of the favorite coffee and beginning talking with the rela-tionship manager He asks if the family enjoyed the golf tournament and the sailing regatta. And later they discuss the recent restructuring of the holding company and its assets portfolio deal.  Finally he says with our technologies soon there will be a day when you can discuss your financial questions at home while having breakfast with the hologram of the bank manager or just a digital voice assistant" — Katerina Mileeva, CEO of Alfa Private Bank explains.

The foundation stone of the banking business is risk assessment and mitigation and on a personal level, trust.  Something that is a very thin material the area of emotional intelligence and empathy.  

We have to feel deep and sincere respect for the people with whom we deal.  Unfortunately, something that all too often is missing in our society and it is hard to teach and hard to learn.  The Bank focuses on hiring emphatic and emotionally intellectual people who are also intelligent and qualified.  Much comes with experience we don't have enough of it in comparison with foreign banks where this sphere was developed a hundred years ago but we learn and look to improve.   
Private Banking differs from Retail Banking in one important difference.  With the former the Bank aims to have the largest possible market share and offer the lowest competitive price with a consequent minimization of customer and personal service.  Private Banking is highly personal and for a limited number of people but and this is a big but, at a much higher price.   

Originally, we looked at this market in Russia with some skepticism.  The target model needed by the owners of very large account balances has yet to be fully rolled out but Alpha Group is at the middle of the way to it.  
We deal with the lack of highgrade possibility of serve our client and his family distantly. And though Alfa-Bank is usually in the avantguard of the technological platforms development I wish we could respond to the client's request immediately, so that he could estimate his risks and make bank and investment transactions. But at the moment even in Alfa Private we managed to make it possible to do just 80% of job online. 

Wealthy clients are people with normal human wishes: to be wanted, loved, successful, to spend less time on trivial things and more on important issues. Criteria's of success are not always the number of zeroes on the total account. I once spoke to a client who was very famous and powerful and found out that the criteria of success for him is in dynamics of his business development in comparison to the market, his competitors, him himself not just multiplying zeroes. He is a modest ascetic man, goes to gym like many of us do and so on. But his point is that he highly estimates his value per minute of time. Therefore, we at Private bank realize that we have to do all in order to save time people spend on our service to the necessary critical minimum. Sometimes this is what the clients of this level expect from us. 

Alfa Private Bank makes client's life easier and makes it more comfortable for his family as well. We provide the unique possibility to administrate their or beneficiates accounts in the parameters the client fixed. It can be done remotely which is important for the family's money flows logistics.  
Understanding who our client is helps to realize that he has all possible modern devices and knows all modern technologies. Alfa Private Bank planned to be high technological, opened to the future and of maximum convenience. We have got a neuronal marketing helping to find out if the client is satisfied with different innovations. We measure emotions online when he is in process of using a new mobile app. We are piloting the technologies of biometric identification like in iPhone X. They identify clients by their face in one of our offices. Someone enters the bank and we already know what kind of coffee he prefers, what relationship manager is to meet him, what kind of operations are waiting for him. 

My mission is to help to make something useful in this world. I didn't make up my mind yet about my own inventions so I help other people to do it people who move the world, Russia, our economy forwards. I find a real pleasure to help them free their resource, time and energy for investing in something great. This is my way to feel my contribution to this important process. 

If speak ing not about my mission but about my ambitions I'd like us to be able to compete in private banking on the international level. We see the request from those who speak Russian, feel themselves Russian people with Russian mental code but with cosmopolitan style of life. There may be Kazakh, Ukrainian, Belorussian among them. Their families live in the different parts of the world. The thing is that passing their heritage to the coming generations is mostly the very important question of passing their values. For us it is not only about language and mentality but also documenting and other instruments. We want to make a suitable private banking for these people in perspective and make it not important where we are physically. 

I love my job for it is like an eternally interesting book: so many stories, communication with outstanding people, their families. I study all of the time. To be modest. To listen attentively to other people. To lead an active dialogue with the client. Not to be scared to ask them and hear the interaction. I like to work on the project admitting my mistakes and feeling happy for success. I dream of thinking out and making something global that will change our life to better this is what puts life to the top of it's possible limits but brings incomparable happiness. It is a power of desire which makes it real. And it is a big ambition, a big challenge. And I am in a process of finding the answer to it.

Alfa Private Bank planned to be high technological, opened to the future and of maximum convenience
— Katerina Mileeva