In an instant, your life can transform completely, and for French expatriate Nathalie Grall-Sorensen, that transformative moment occurred when she witnessed her 17-year-old son collapse into her husband's embrace at home. He fell into a coma from which he never emerged.

"In that instant, as a mother, I realized it was all over," Nathalie confided to Khaleej Times. This incident took place two years ago, and although the anguish of losing a child remains undiminished, Nathalie finds solace in the fact that her son Viggo continues to live on through others. Through organ donation, Viggo saved the lives of five individuals.

Nathalie and her husband chose to donate Viggo's organs, which went to recipients in India, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. His lungs, kidneys, heart, and liver were transplanted, including his heart into a 27-year-old Saudi woman. All details of the recipients remain confidential.

Despite her profound sorrow, Nathalie takes pride in their decision, facilitated through the UAE's organ donation program, Hayat. "For me, the loss is irreversible. My son is gone, but when faced with the question 'Do you want to save lives?' — how could one say no?" she remarked.

Viggo, of mixed Danish-French heritage, was a golf champion before his sudden death. He was preparing to study in the US on a scholarship when he experienced numbness in his left arm and lips, leading to his collapse and subsequent coma.

After Viggo was declared brain dead, a team from Abu Dhabi approached Nathalie and her husband about organ donation. They quickly agreed, viewing it as a profound act of love. Nathalie, influenced by her family's history of generosity, saw organ donation as a way to honor her son's memory.

Now, Nathalie is an active ambassador for the UAE Hayat program, promoting organ donation. She aims to encourage more people to become donors and support donor families, drawing strength from the connections she makes with others who have experienced similar losses.

The Hayat program has connected Nathalie with other parents who have lost children to organ donation, fostering a community of shared grief and understanding. She emphasizes the importance of organ donation in curing end-stage diseases and hopes to inspire future donors and patients through Viggo's story.

Nathalie continues to advocate for organ donation, highlighting the gap between those willing to donate and those in need. She stresses the need for action alongside compassion, aiming to bridge this gap through awareness and support for donor families.

The UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention features a testimonial from Viggo's family, underscoring their pivotal role in promoting this noble cause. The Hayat program has expanded significantly, conducting educational activities and training for hospital staff to enhance awareness and proficiency in organ donation and transplantation.