Travel agents are recommending that visit visa holders flying from India to the UAE should book their onward and return journeys with the same airline. This advice comes following reports of travellers being unable to board flights to the UAE because they had booked return tickets with a different airline.

According to Taha Siddique, director of Siddique Travels, some airlines have issued advisories stating that if the journey to the UAE is booked with them, the journey back to India must also be booked with the same airline. Failure to comply with this new requirement may result in passengers being denied boarding. It is now a common practice for travel agents to advise clients to book both legs of the journey with the same carrier.

This position is supported by Noushad Hassan, MD of Alhind Business Center, who has also seen advisories from certain carriers indicating that they will not accept travellers with tickets from different airlines. Strict checks at airports in the UAE have led to cases of passengers being denied boarding for not meeting document and other requirements.

With the demand for travel from India to the UAE on the rise, it is essential for travellers to ensure they have all the necessary documents before embarking on their journey. The summer season in India contributes to the increased travel, resulting in flights operating at full capacity and higher airfares.

The importance of carrying funds equivalent to Dh3,000, providing valid proof of accommodation, and having a confirmed return ticket has been emphasized to avoid complications and ensure compliance with visit visa conditions. Failure to adhere to these requirements could lead to denial of entry into the UAE and potential responsibility for the airline in facilitating the passenger's return to their home country.