Many UAE residents favor Oman as a getaway destination due to its proximity, convenient visa process, and stunning landscapes. The ease of traveling by car has contributed to its popularity, with evolving routes and entry requirements over the years.

For travelers from Dubai, the Hatta-Al Wajajah border crossing is the preferred route, offering a direct and safe passage within 1.5-2 hours, approximately 140km away. Motorists can access this route via the E102 or Mleiha Road, providing convenient options for residents from Sharjah and other northern emirates.

Alternatively, those coming from Abu Dhabi may opt for the Meyzad-Hafeet border, situated 180km from the capital and 160km from Dubai, ideal for those heading to southern Oman. Additionally, the Dibba border is recommended for reaching Musandam, granting access to expats without an Oman visa and visit visa holders, with a restriction to the Dibba Musandam area.

Required documents for UAE travelers include the original passport, visa (or a copy for e-visa holders), Emirates ID, car registration card, and a valid car insurance certificate. At the checkpoints and border posts, travelers undergo document checks, passport control, and vehicle inspections, along with payment of exit fees.