A while ago saw the first post-pandemic Autumn-Winter 2022–2023 Fashion Week. Popular brands are finally getting back to the normal show format – full houses with celebrity guests and top influencers in attendance. After yearning for seeing & believing for so long, stylists and fashionmongers are finally enjoying their favourite designers’ shows and drawing inspiration from the latest catwalk trends.

Here is the latest catwalk news about the top Fashion Week 22–23 trends, according Guzal Ergasheva, World Arabia Fashion Director, co-founder of Russian Social Club, co-owner of Privé 7, top stylist of luxury brands, fashion influencer

Relaxed / Loose Fit Jeans

The latest chic of today is relaxed and loose fit denim jeans. Even with the noughties’ fashions back in vogue, they are still very much in demand, a high waist being most popular. However, there are also low-waisted designs, which many stylists and celebrities are already head over heels in love with, first, last, and all the time.

Christian Dior


Leather Total-Looks

Leather apparel has always been typical autumn wear, this time the brands suggesting opting for a leather total-look. Leather dresses as well as various combinations of leather skirts, trousers, and shirts are in trend at the moment. Noteworthy are the semi-bodycon cutout & mat texture, emphasising sexuality. If you find such a look overbold, you can still find something going well with your clothing – a leather overcoat or trenchcoat.

Bottega Veneta
Michael Kors Collection


Mini-Skirts – Short & Low

Once again, designers are making mini-skirts trendy, low-riding this time. If you feel like turning down provocative notes to feel at ease with the short length this autumn, why not create a preppy style mini-skirt image by adding tights or long socks, all the more so as they are another current trend?




Tights & Long Socks

Anything but the classics is the latest fashion. The choice is wide – coloured, featuring prints, or eye-catching, so you are sure to find something to your liking. As an option, they are wearable even with sandals or peeps.


Bottega Veneta


Gloves for Fashionistas

Another Autumn-Winter 22–23 essential fashion must-have is a pair of gloves, ton-sur-son, matching the colour or print of your outwear.





The trend, always topical in the Arabic world, is back on the catwalks of all world fashion capitals. Be it knitted, made of leather, paillettes, or silk – the more unusual a maxi-skirt, the trendier it is, quite wearable with such top essentials, as Bernardo Bertolucci’s Stealing Beauty style laconic shirts, tops, or T-shirts.

Acne Studios

Max Mara


Broad-Backed Masculinity

The oversize style is still in vogue. This season, it’s more masculine in broad-backed costumes, jackets, and coats. Check out whether it’s in your line.