Trikon is at the forefront of revolutionizing Web3 gaming by incorporating blockchain technology to redefine the industry. Our goal is to equip developers with sophisticated tools and resources to craft engaging and interactive games. Advantages include enhanced security, genuine ownership of in-game assets, and seamless integration with decentralized applications, paving the way for a more transparent, efficient, and innovative gaming landscape.

We are thrilled to introduce the Trikon Booster Program, tailored to support and empower game developers. This initiative encompasses various campaigns aimed at enhancing game development, integration, and visibility within the Trikon ecosystem. We intend to extend the 'Trikon Booster' brand to other sectors in the future, offering extensive support across multiple areas.

Campaigns for game developers include: GameDev grants for financial assistance in developing and integrating games with the Trikon platform; Game discovery initiatives to boost game visibility and discoverability; Trikon launchpad for games to assist developers in launching their games into the market; Investor relations to connect game developers with potential investors; Exclusive community access to join a network of like-minded developers and gaming enthusiasts; Priority skins and NFT listing for early access and priority listing of game-related skins and NFTs on the Trikon platform.

To initiate the Trikon Booster program, we are launching the GameDev Grants as our inaugural campaign. These grants offer up to $100,000 in funding to support projects at various stages of development, from inception to launch and growth. Our objective is to assist innovative gaming projects in achieving scalability, high player engagement, and positive unit economics.

Selected projects will not only receive financial support but also mentorship from industry veterans and access to Trikon’s extensive network. This is an opportunity to leverage our advanced infrastructure and become part of a community that is reshaping the future of gaming.

To apply, visit the Trikon Booster Application portal, complete the form with details about your project's innovation, development plans, and potential impact, and submit your application via the Trikon website. Our team will review applications continuously, focusing on each project's innovation, viability, and potential impact on the gaming community. We encourage all eligible gaming projects to apply and explore the unique opportunities available through the Trikon Booster Program. At Trikon, we are dedicated to nurturing the gaming community and shaping the future of gaming.

For further inquiries and to apply, please visit