For Noora Salim, a Dubai resident, one of the most memorable flights of her life was a journey from Saudi Arabia to her hometown in Kerala, India, during the late 1990s. At the age of 10 or 12, she experienced turbulence while in the bathroom on a late-night flight. The cabin crew and food trays obstructed her path back to her seat, prompting her to hold onto a seat during the 45-minute turbulence, while fellow passengers resorted to prayer and recitation. This recollection surfaced after a recent Singapore Airlines incident, evoking empathy for those affected.

Another individual, Hajara Sharaf, developed a lifelong fear of flying following a turbulent flight back to Dubai from India in 2013. The incident, which occurred during her first solo flight, led her to seek solace through prayer and support from a fellow passenger. Despite efforts to alleviate her fear through reading and calming techniques, the anxiety persists with each subsequent flight.

Shehna Mansoor, an Indian expat, reminisced about a harrowing flight to Hong Kong in 2015, characterized by turbulence that left her feeling unwell. Her discomfort was exacerbated by her children's enjoyment of the experience, turning it into a distressing ordeal she hopes never to revisit.