Nearly three decades after the release of the blockbuster Twister, the perilous world of tornadoes and their pursuers is back on the big screen in a modernized narrative of extreme weather. Twisters, as its creators describe, is a contemporary sequel to the 1996 film. The story revolves around storm specialist Kate Carter, portrayed by Daisy Edgar-Jones, and Tyler Owens, a storm chaser and social media sensation played by Glen Powell. Their lives intersect during a rare tornado outbreak in Oklahoma.

Directed by Lee Isaac Chung, known for his work in Minari, this marks his first venture into high-budget action films. Twisters showcases cutting-edge technology and introduces a new wave of thrill-seekers with significant social media influence. "This film represents a fresh chapter, a contemporary retelling of the community that captivated audiences in '96," Powell stated during the London premiere of the film.

Edgar-Jones added, "Viewers can anticipate a thrilling and exhilarating experience, just buckle up and enjoy the ride." Powell's character, Owens, is a former rodeo champion and self-proclaimed 'tornado wrangler,' leading a daring team that thrives on danger. Powell, a native of Texas, shared personal connections to both the original and the reboot, recalling a childhood encounter with a tornado that left a lasting impression.

"This film not only explores our reactions to storms but also how we support each other in the aftermath of disasters," Powell explained. "It resonates universally, not just with tornadoes but with weather phenomena globally." Twisters, penned by Mark L. Smith, was developed with insights from meteorologists, climate scientists, and actual storm chasers, according to Chung. "We aimed to integrate the latest in climate and tornado science to honor both the ongoing realities and the scientists who are pivotal in finding solutions," Chung noted.

Twisters is set to hit UAE cinemas on July 18.