The UAE has streamlined the path for expatriates to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations. A prime example of this is Ryan Ramos and Joanna Ramos, a Filipino couple who manage multiple businesses in Dubai. Their portfolio includes Cultivate Landscape and Gardening Works LLC, Craft Auto Services, The Dream Lab, and TFC Events Management. Each of these companies caters to a distinct market, offering services from landscaping and fiberglass manufacturing to automotive services and event management.

Joanna serves as the Chief Heart Officer for Cultivate, The Dream Lab, and Craft Auto Services, and is also the founder of Thriving Filipina Circle (TFC Events Management). Ryan, on the other hand, is the founder and managing director of all the Cultivate brands. Together, they blend creativity with strategic execution, driven by a shared vision to secure a prosperous and impactful future for their family.

Ryan, aged 41, credits a pivotal financial consultation with Randell Tiongson for bolstering their financial stability and motivating them to pursue their business ambitions with meticulous planning. His initial business acumen was instilled by his mother, who emphasized the value of street smarts. Joanna, 43, gained early business insights from her parents' sari-sari store and has since benefited from mentors like Rex Mendoza and a transformational coach, Emma Burdett, who have significantly influenced her personal and professional growth.

The couple attributes their business success to the UAE's robust infrastructure and supportive business climate. Ryan highlights the country's emphasis on innovation and economic development, which aligns perfectly with their business objectives, offering abundant opportunities for expansion. The diverse community in the UAE has also facilitated valuable networking and connections with like-minded professionals.

Arriving in the UAE in 2005, the couple was attracted by the dynamic business environment and growth prospects. Their decision to establish businesses here was fueled by a desire to make a positive community impact and capitalize on the UAE's entrepreneur-friendly ecosystem. Despite holding secure jobs, their entrepreneurial zeal led them to embark on their own ventures.

Ryan and Joanna met in the Philippines and began their entrepreneurial partnership with a shared commitment to creating businesses that not only succeed but also contribute positively to the community. Their partnership is founded on trust, aligned goals, and a passion for innovation.